4/4 What are Holiday Travel tax tips outside USA

TNT! WYCOTAX would like to greet you and your family Happy, Happy New Year! If you are outside USA right now, your New year can be happier if you watch this 2-minute holiday travel tax tips.

You can deduct all of your out of country travel expenses if your trip is entirely for business or CONSIDERED for business. 

What is CONSIDERED for business? It is considered for business if you meet any of the following:

If you are outside USA no more than a week. Even if you did not spend the whole time doing business in other country as long as it is 7 consecutive days or less, your entire trip is considered business. 

Now if you are going to spend more than a week in other country, the IRS requires you that you spent less than 25% of the total time on nonbusiness activities. 

For example, you spend 14 days in Paris and on those 14 days, as long as you only use 3 days for personal activity, you can still deduct the round-trip airplane ticket you purchased.

I know computation can be a little complicated, that is the reason WYCOTAX is here to help.

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